Maxmum hdd capacity 2TB each
Network connection 1. 1 Mbps dvr upload, 2. supports windows xp/vista/windows 7 and mac os(RTSP)
h264 viewer RTSP doesn't work Open port 554 and 8000 and forward them to dvr and install quicktime software in remote pc.
iPhone connection Download and install "SCDVR"
android phone connection Insall gphone software and open port 554 and 8000 to dvr.
Activex for remote connection Refer to the manual "APPENDIX II"
Can backup/recoord on single channel? Yes.
Can use usb hdd for backup? No
Can cms able to backup hdd files? No, read only.
Can dvr send message to mobile device while motion/sensor detected? No
Does Ritevision dvr supports oem ptz camera? Only if customer provides protocol and ptz for testing.
Does Ritevision dvr supports RAID? Only e-sata interface
Can I change port 80 to others Yes, but also need to do port forwarding in the router.
Does Ritevision dvr supports windows 2000? No
How long for each video clip on backup 10 minutes
Suggested bandwidth for remote connection? At least 1Mbps for dvr upload and 6Mbps for remote download
IR controller doesn't work Verify whether is one to one or one to four, if one to one, the remote id should sets to "0", if one to four, th remote id is "1".
Can remote fps go more than 60 fps? No, hardware limitation
Does Ritevision supports MAC PC? Yes
How to configure e-mail ports? Upgrade to 87 firmware or above.
Does mobile ap supports ptz control? ScDVR for iPhone will be support.
Does DVR support RAID or Disk Array? We do support the RAID mode and Disk Array system for E-SATA interface; but please noteice it, it still has the compatible issue.
Do we support other browser such as FireFox? No, our remote viewer support only Internet Explorer browser which is content with OCX component when others don't. We might support other browser  in the future, but we cannot guarantee about the time because we still have a lot of products will release in our schedule.
The image transmission via 3G to cellphone or connection will not stable. It caused of the 3G signal strength not strong enough; when the signal strength is weak than the three bars of reception, it will become hard to connect.
The auto-reboot function is useless. This function will start operatiing 8 hours after it is set up.
Which 3G Modem will our DVR support? We only support HUAWEI USB Modem so far because only they share the driver on the market.
3G Modem connect setting. If the Modem is plug on the USB port before DVR power on, it will auto-connect after the DVR start up; on the contrary, if the Modem is plug on the USB port after DVR power on, it has to connect to internet manually. In the 3G Internet Setting, the "Dial-up Number" and "APN" number has to ask for the ISP (Telecom) company and the Pin number is the SIM card code. If users slot the 3G USB Modem before DVR start up, it will dial up automatically when DVR start up; if users slot the 3G USB Modem after DVR start up, it will dial up after users click "OK" button in Network Setting of Main Menu.
Remove RTSP function. Our R&D will change the construction from RTSP to HTTP protocol for next version of GPhone application.
Which version of MAC OS will be supported? 10.6 or above
Why does the USB HDD cannot be worked? We do not support the USB HDD because the extension HDD box has different control chipset, some of it is working well, but some of it is not; therefore, we do not announce that the USB HDD will be supported.
For this reason, we do not suggest user to use External USB HDD in our DVR, and not only that the HDD has the compatible issue potential. Otherwise, some of External USB HDD speed is too slow to might make the backup video lost. Too many uncertainty issues cause we do not know that how to support it; in PC base, it will be easy to support; but in standalone, all the driver has to save in the memory before, so that is the reason we are really hard to do it so far.
Do you have the DVD supporting list? And why the CD disk cannot be used? We do not have the DVD compatible issue, it means that we can support for all the DVD burner in market.
Therefore, we don't have to have the supporting list for it.
But please notice it we do support for the DVD Disk burning in DVR only because the CD Disk capacity is too small to contain the backup video.
Also the price of the DVD and CD Disk are almost the same right now; therefore, we don not think that we need to support for CD Disk backup anymore.
The playback via remote access is slowly and cannot hear any audio. 1. When users use remote access to see the live view: images are loaded from cache memory in CIF format. Frame rate of the loaded file depends on the setting in "HTTP Setup" of local DVR and the requirement for network is around 1Mbps for DVR upload.

2. When users use remote access to see the recording video in playback: images are loaded from HDD of local DVR, so the transmission size depends on the recording resolution and frame rate. For example, if users set 720x480 with 30 FPS or 720x576 with 25 FPS to record, the result of recording size is huge and LAN is required to connect for playback. In general, the requirement for network is around 10 Mbps for DVR upload. When downloading files from remote access under unqualified Network Speed, a momentary loss of recorded audio signal may occur in order to maintain the images. Consequently, the downloaded files may contain without Audio signal.

So if users want to view the playback file with smooth quality, could you please suggest your clients backing up the file to local PC and then playback it again when the Network Speed is unqualified.
The Bitrate Table is not accurate. Please notice it the documentation is just for consultation only, the real recording size is still depending the locality condition.
Cellphone can connect to DVR via WiFi, but 3G connection is failed. If users can connect to DVR with WiFi connection, it means that our application is working well. The problem is primarily concerned with network connection, for exsample cellphone and network setting. however, firewall or router setting may be the cause in some cases.
For example, if users set the DVR in intranet and use the WiFi connection which set inside the intranet also, of course the cellphone could connect to DVR via WiFi connection without any problem. But in this case, if users via 3G to connect DVR without open the port from firewall, hub or router, of course the 3G connection will be failed.
It because of 3G connection is using internet, but the DVR is in the intranet, the firewall, hub or router might between it to separate them, so users have to open the port let devices connect to each other.
What is the  maximum number of network users that can be connected simultaneously to the DVR? For the RemoteDeskTop and IE connection, do not over 6 accounts to connect to DVR at the same time. And for CMS application, do not over 5 accounts to connect to CMS at the same time. But all the suggestion connection account is depending on the "Network Speed" and "PC's Hardware limitation".
The Android system download unsuccessful via DVR website. Please kindly download the application via Android Market.
The mobile phone cannot connect with DVR successfully. We do support for standard mobile phone operation system (Such as Android or Symbian System), but some of mobile phone company modify the source code to fit with their mobile phone. It might cause our application become abnormal. We sure that our application in mobile simulation system is working well. For this reason, we will release the mobile phone suggestion list to all of our client in nearly future.
Cannot transfer IRF file to AVI file. Please install AVI Decoder, such as k-lite, ffdshow because Windows did not contain for those codec.
The mobile phone cannot connect to DVR with 3G transmission. No matter 3G or WIFI connection, our application is always using the same way to connect with our DVR.
Therefore, if the WIFI connection is working well, it means that our application is working normally.
So the issue is on the mobile phone setting to connect to internet via 3G, but every country has different way to set for mobile phone.
For this reason, users need to contact with the telecom company for more help.
Why does Ritevision remote access will take more time to login? It's cause by different means of login. Ritevision DVRs firstly load all functions then start the login process while others do the procedure the other way around. This is why our remote function react faster than others.
The remote access shows "Runtime Error" message on the PC or Laptop screen. It is caused by port 80 issue, some virus protector, firewall, or router is block for port 80. Therefore, please change the port number to others except port 80; and please remember to open the port which users choose to use on virus protector, firewall, or router also.
The same images are shown on other channels. The image complex (or called Cross Talk, Ghost Image) might cause to the lightning shock wave or electric surge, it will injure our image receiving IC. Furthermore, if the voltage is too strong, if might crash the resistance and electric capacity or our chipset.
Cannot hear audio sound via internet. Audio file might be droped in order to keep video transmission when the network bandwidth is not sufficient.